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Christmas 2002

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Christmas 2004



In 2004, we spent a week driving around Normandy - here are some of the pictures

Ted in front of the few remaining beach defense gun - the beach is behind the bunker - these guns had overlapping fields of fire and could not be hit by direct fire from ships.

Mont St. Michel - We went by here after visiting the invasion beaches.


Melody in front of a gun at Utah Beach


The guns at Longues Sur Mer - These are naval cannons which fired at the allied ships until they were captured. Almost all of the bunkers survived multiple allied shellings and bombings. The crews would simply stop firing until the allies assumed the guns had been destroyed, then resumed firing once the shelling/bombing stopped.


German Bunker on Juno Beach which wasn't destroyed by allied explosives, rather it settled on one corner and then the occupants surrendered